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Trolley Case Quality And Grades Oct 28, 2016

Grade of each detail mark luggage, trolley case, selection of materials, colors, shapes and design are important, reflects the style and features of the product.
1, material
Material refers to the trolley by the texture of the material, there are leather, artificial leather, Oxford cloth, PC material, and so on, different materials have different properties and functions and effects are not the same.
2, technology
Other than the material, production process and quality also has a great effect on product quality, especially the lever of the trolley and wheels, using technical methods are different, will not only affect the appearance of the product, will have certain impact on durability. Production process is the luggage quality and grades of very important aspect, including material selection techniques, materials technology and fine sewing, embodies the qualities of bags to every little detail. For high-end luggage, and will do so in every possible way in every respect, and excellence.
3, color
Trolley case, black, Brown, and Red are the most classic colors, because these types of color is very versatile and rich textures. Gradually, with the emphasis on fashion, colorful colors such as yellow, green, and blue debut, metallic, fluorescent metal mix colors and a variety of attractive colors, bag design is diverse, providing consumers with more choices.