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Bags Of Maintenance Oct 28, 2016

 When there is no protection, should relax the shoulder straps, open the belt and chest strap so that when there is a danger, with the fastest speed that pack a separation. Packaged solid Pack, the tension of the stitches are tight, if rude packs, or fall from, it is easy to let the stitches are damaged fracture or buckle. Iron hard equipment don't hug the backpack fabrics: material hard items such as cutlery, pots set, if close to the Pack cloth, as long as the bag looks a little friction and hard rock, and could easily be cloth worn backpack.

Handling of process to carefully buckle with weaving with accessories: often in car upper and lower backpack Shi, will some pulled of status, so backpack in car Shi to note waist buckle is has buckle Shang, some backpack waist buckle more soft, can reverse buckle backpack Xia half Department, some backpack of belt has hard plastic board support, not can anti-discount live, is easy will split, best is has backpack sets will backpack cover Shang, so as not to weaving with and other backpack entanglement, in pulled process damage backpack.
 During camp, backpack to taut, avoid such as mice and other small animals stolen food and insect Ant into. At night using a backpack cover backpack, even sunny weather, still wet with dew backpack.
 Backpack after use always contaminated soil, dust, sweat, recommended dry soft brush to clear backpack coat of dust, use wet cloth to wipe stains easily be contaminated on the surface of fabric. Then rinse with water, if oil is best to use a neutral detergent liquid, if you judge the solution properties, you can use the shower gel or shampoo instead. And washed, dried in the shade, don't take in sun exposure, UV easily causes hardening of the fibers brittle. Upstream or after long days of travel and soak for about 30 minutes, or flush with plenty of water, avoid water of organic matter, little creatures, or rotten leaves stuck in the system, causing mildew or bacteria. When it is not completely dry, backpack surface damage of waterproofing coatings are sprayed with splash-proof agent for professional maintenance of good time, spraying out professional outdoor waterproof agent, your backpack and anti-splashing and as good as new!